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Alpenglow was the brain child of Travis and Russ, two local boys with a strong sense of adventure.  We both left our small town to see the big world, seeking adventure, not realizing that we would one day end up where it all began, the Sierra Nevada.  

Both of us independently came to the same conclusion, that someone needed to open a new and used outdoor consignment shop ASAP.  To get the people out there in nature in whatever style they can afford.  To cut down on waste, to repurpose extremely functional gear, and to help educate and empower the greater outdoor community. 

We love what we do and we wouldn't be able to do it without you.  Our mission is to educate anyone that's curious about the outdoors and to repurpose as much information and outdoor gear as possible.  We want to grow a strong community that will join us in trail cleanups and fun outdoor events.  We want to spread the joy of participating in the outdoors with everyone, especially today's youth.  Come on in and see what we're up to.  

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Giving Back
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